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I am the Lead Developer on invisipay. It is a revolutionizing, secure, fast, simple, payment processor.

Technologies: API, SEO, AJAX, Payment Processing, Security, Traffic Management, High Response, Multi-tier Close
2D Paintball has been the launching pad for getting me into game development. It started as a PHP proof of concept that ran a 60 tic, real time, multi-player, highfidelity, competitive, speedball game. Over the years it has gained a cult fallowing and the code has been re-written into Java for threading and speed.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Java, JQuery, Javascript, HTML5, WebSockets, Canvas Close
This was inspired by a little java applet that i crated in an attempt to make a simple "cool" drawing tool (Radial Kaleidoscope Drawing). After having it sit there for about a year, i decided to upgrade it to HTML5, well, because, that is the hot buzzterm of the time. As soon as Jer was shown the first HTML5 iteration, the site was born. After that we also created an app that can be seen Here

Technologies: HTML5, Canvas, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Phonegap app dev Close
Code live is a active realtime front end HTML-CSS-JavaScript development environment and sharing system.

Technologies: Javascript, PHP, AJAX, jQuery, MySQL Close
Shoutjax is my first super heavy dose of AJAX implementation. With the help of my friend Jer, who primarily does web design, SEO, and marketing, we have created

Technologies: AJAX, Safe Cross Site Scripting. Close
I am an avid comic reader I got to the point that it was almost troublesome to read them all. So I have designed this site to help people find and discover web comics, and to facilitate their reading of the comics that they like.

Technologies: Spider, Social Networking, Image manipulation. Close
So I saw the fad if the tagable images going around, so Jer and I quickly threw this site together under It has scene been moved and updated to appeal to more then just the facebook crowd. This site will develop over time and with higher traffic.

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This is a joint project between jer and I. This project started with my girlfriend and her roommates. The goal was to create a place that you could store people's quotes. These quotes would then be placed into a set and you can display this set in many forms, where ever you wanted to.

Technologies: Dynamic Image Generation, Social Networking. Close
Code Samples
The piece of code I find to be the most useful, it is my mysql_query() function wrapper. This function traces, logs, times, counts, EXPLAIN's, and displays any MySQL errors automatically.
query_wrapper.txt Close
This is one of the few OOP PHP codes i have. It was created for a tutorial I was contracted to record.
test12.txt - db.class.txt - util.class.txt Close
In the process of going to bed one night, thought this idea would be cool. Here it is in its simple form.

This has developed into its own site (Drawerings), i will leave this, the origonal idea, here for postarity.
I was watching a TED talk about artistic engineering design, and natural structures. I saw an image of a recursive pentagonal plant structure. By that night I had this idea in my head, it still has a bit of development left, but it is now at a "working" state. - Preview Close
To confirm OOP understanding and to show off code that was 90% written 3 months before the teacher even talked about graphical output. This is a java program that emulates gravity on a select set of particles (20,000). The grav-well can be moved by clicking and dragging the mouse. The particles will be reset by hitting numbers 0-4. a random build will be selected by hitting space.
Main.javas - grav.javas - col.javas - gwell.javas - partic.javas
grav.jar - The java RTE is required to run this, it can be downloaded/installed at Close
Last and definitely not lest is GeneTracker. This was my Senior Project at CWU, created for Drs. Yvonne Chueh and Lixing Sun. Team members included Team Leader Toby Lewandoski, Lead Programmer Blair Sherman, Quality Assurance Manager Loren Harris, and Lead Tester Jacob Odiaga. Gene Tracker is a tool that will help in the understanding of how chromosomes pass on male dominance. It takes a variety of input values such as: founding population, crossover, mate choice, skew in mating, initial dominance distribution, dominance inheritance, and simulation.
Installer (2.5 megs) - Manual (1 meg) - Input Values Screenshot - An Output Screenshot - Code Sample (c, C++) Close
Contract Work
Helped feature design and develop the user submission interface for ease of use and maximum information. As well as an admin processing interface to make things fast, directed, and parallel processable.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript Close
I developed the user student wrapper for a bullying prevention game in RPG Maker. I also hacked/integrated with there save system to create an account cloud save process.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript Close
I worked closely with the owner to produce the exact feeling and functionality he was looking for, for his online store. This includes payment integration as well as product, customer, and stock management.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, API, jQuery Close
I was contacted independedntly from a prior client what it would take to make an app. Within a few months Mooky was relesed for both iOS and Android.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, API, Maps, jQuery, Phonegap app dev. Close
After topten ran for a few years I was contacted to do a review of the site and advise on its current state and future goals. It was determined that how they want to move forward a rebuild of the site would be highly adventurous. This allowed for many features to be implemented as well as a full site redesign.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, API'a. Close
This site was created for the Mina Corp so that all the kitchen, corporate, and house staff could all be on the same page and have access to recipes and there process across the entire organization. The system also manages notifications, menus, recipe approvals and more.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL. Close
Dr Sha is a spiritual healer, I have been working with the tech team to fix, update, rebuild, and create some of the tools that they have been using.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL. Close
Music Now is a service provided for by NexTUNE Onpremise. Due to NexTUNE always looking for the newest, best music for there clients, they run across a lot of current music and news. This site is there outlet to the community, as well as the labels. This site was designed from scratch by me, with a PHP and Filemaker backend.

Technologies: Filemaker, PHP, Design Close
NexTUNE Onpremise is a music service provided for businesses to have legal in store music. I was brought in to take the web development role off of the current President. When i was brought in i was told that there website was more of an application then a site, and he was right. This site on the customer side handles: registration, venues, ordering, payment, music, scheduling, and more. on the back end it handles all that as well as shipping, reporting, tracking, customer service, and more.

Technologies: Filemaker, PHP Close
I found the National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY) in need of many levels of site development. After meeting with them at there office to go over what they needed, and fixing one of there issues before I left, we have had a short but good relationship.

Technologies: CMS Made Simple, server transfer. Close
Contracted to replace a leaving programmer, working on a pre-existing code base. Did many code updates, fixed errors, implemented features, taken the current system live, and have provided advice for future development.

Technologies: fake OOP, Smarty, AJAX. Close
BidFight is a site that I am currently developing under contract with a previous employer. It is what is called a penny auction site. The user site at the site and sees the auctions update, can bid on, and receives stats in real time.

Technologies: AJAX, API's, Web currency integration, IPN intrgration, design integration, high load management. Close
Infopay is now a work horse for Accucoms information selling systems, some of which are InfoRegistry, and DataDetective. This site has been completely engineered by me, its 98 pages and 9,500+ lines of code, 51 table, and currently 11 million rows, and 7 months of non exclusive work.

Technologies: OOP, AJAX, Integration, Custom Shopping Cart, Credit Processing, Customer Management, Merchant Management, Affiliate Management, User Tracking, Reporting, API's Close
This is a site that provides comprehensive public records searching. I have a current ongoing work agreement that has provided me a large amount of small to large projects. The first of these projects was to create a unified admin pages that allowed for direct management of orders. the admin page included integrating in to there shopping cart, digishop, one of there affiliate programs, idev, and there current custom system.

Technologies: OOP, Integration, Shopping cart, Credit processing, Affiliate systems, API's Close
This site is simply a fount end portal for Infopay. It was initially a development and testing site, but is now a fully working system.

Technologies: OOP, Integration, API's Close
I was employed part time for the university as the head senior student web developer. My duties included updates to almost any page in the site and the creation of most all, and overview the rest, of the dynamic pages that are built in our department. Because of this my name has been brought up and effectively praised for my hard work and benefit to the department, the website, and the campus. Also because of my skill set I was enlisted and was successful in teaching my boss and six student coworkers PHP and MySQL.

Technologies: Emailing, Security, LDAP. Close
This is a tutorial series that I was contracted to record. The topics that it covers are on the basic end but it covers everything you need to get started in PHP.

Technologies: Teaching, PHP, MySQL Close
Last I checked the site was still in beta. I was hired as a secondary programmer. I did things like implement the JS to PHP encryption, rebuild the screeneshot severs controllers, optimized code, POP/IMAP sever communication, as well as many other miscellaneous things.

Technologies: AJAX, Program Integration (SS generator), Security, Mail server integration. Close
This is a site that I made for my aunt. There is a back end allowing here to administrate the gallery: add images, remove images, edit images information, add categories, remove categories, and edit categories.

Technologies: Image manipulation. Close
Other Information
My name is Loren Harris, I graduated from Central Washington University. I studied Computer Science with a specialization in AI, I also have a double minor in math and physics. I would be just at home creating genetic algorithms, doing algorithm optimization, or analyzing neural networks, but web development is what caught on. I have been self taught in PHP and MySQL for over nine years, and learned and used many associated languages, and have done many projects from the simple to the complex. I have done work for paying customers, friends, myself, contract work, and full time.

I am available for any type of work. feel free to contact me in any way.
A downloadable version of my full resume is located Here
12 years: HTML;
8 Years: PHP, MySQL;
6 Years: JavaScript, CSS;
5 Years: Java, XHTML, XML;
3 Years: jQuery, JSON, C, C++, C#;
Knowledge Of: Lisp, Assembly, BASIC, ActionScript. Close
Strong: AJAX, Data mining, OOP, Optimization, Efficiency, AI processes, Integration, APIís using or creation, Microsoft Office, NetBeans, Photoshop CS, Dreamweaver, TortoiseSVN, Apache, Firefox, Windows 2000-vista, Design Implementation, Security.

Not quite so Strong: SOAP, SEO, Internet Explorer, GroupWise, Microsoft Visual Studio, Linux, Designing from scratch, White Hat Hacking.

Knowledge Of: ... Well this would be to long to list. I have been using computers since my Commodore 64/128, and interacting with the internet from the wonderfull speed of the 14.4 modem. My knowledge is not all encompassing, but it is empressive. Close
Primary Email: lorenharris2{at}gmail(dot)com
Phone: (206)-898-9550 (working hours 9-5 PST)
Instant Messaging:
AIM, Skype: Notomono
Gmail: lorenharris2{at}gmail(dot)com
MSN: lorenharris2{at}hotmail(dot)com
Yahoo: lorenharris2{at}yahoo(dot)com Close